Commit To The Hustle

Fitness Challenge

What is "Commit to the Hustle" Fitness Challenge?

 The purpose is to motivate everyone to stay focused and committed to fitness. AT LEAST FOR 90 Days! In order to reach for progress, you MUST trust in the process of growth to be able to stay committed to the hustle! 


Dedicated to "The Process of Growth"

  • When you find light, you are with the truth.
  • When you interact with the truth, you've found guidance.
  • When you lead by example, you simply inspire.
  • When you trust in the process, you begin a new journey.
  • Like a rose, there will be growth within time if there's consistency.
  • Death is promised, just like how opportunities will soon be expired.
Time is valuable, so it's now or never. Up to you to decide whether you want to make excuses or room for growth.


A one time fee of $20, For 90 days. you are making a commitment with yourself dedicating to the process of growth. This challenge/program will give you insights on motivation, videos, plans - access to stay committed to the challenge. whether you want to get toner by gaining more muscle weight or to get slimmer by losing weight.


This Is The Challenge For You

With A Before & After Progression Picture Date Listed

The Best Improved Result Will Receive $100 In Cash & Free "Commit to the Hustle" Clothing Items For 2 Years!! (One Per Collection)

Second & third place - To be announced

  • Join before March 27, 2017 for March 27-June 24
  • More dates coming soon
"Commit to the Hustle" Fitness Challenge
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