Growing up, I've always wanted to create a positive change in someone else's life and in my surroundings. Being born from a very different culture and perspective has gotten me to the level of mindset, that I have now and for that: I am very thankful to be able to experienced what pain felt like in order to proceed to another aspect. I used to ask myself and the Lord crying myself to sleep wondering why I have to deal with the battle alone and I would bottle up my emotions wanting to give up on everything but now looking back, it had made me so much stronger than where I was at. I feel so blessed to be able to wake up every day breathing alive to obtain the opportunity to accomplish more and make the most out of myself within the determination level of persistence and perseverance.

                        Some have it better, but some have it a lot worse and I am most inspired when those that don't have a lot but would still be one of the most thankful/humbled individuals that I've ever met. That's why I feel like I need to make myself available to the point where I'm doing more than I can because there are so many people out there that are willing to have what we have but their circumstances are different. So I want to be self-driven enough to do more because there are those that can't do it and those that won't.

                        I hope that one day, I will have the power to strongly impact someone so powerfully to the point that they would be able to spread that force on to someone else in the most positive way possible. I understand that everyone has their own challenges and struggles that they'd have to deal with in life based on their own level of perception, pain is familiar. And as of my part, the pain I once felt - I just hope that no one would reach to that point and if they do, I hope that their mentality would be able to pull them right back up and remain focused on what truly matters to them. I try my best to be there for people that need it most (when I can or if I'm able to) because I will always remember of those that picked me back up when I was at my lowest points in life. Especially to those that don't even owe me anything, doesn't expect anything in return, but because their heart is so pure and golden: they understand what it's like to be cared for - when no one else is listening so they stay true and real to who they are.

                        I want to mentally, emotionally and physically heal people.. as well as inspiring them, saving lives, motivating others, and spreading the love & light: just like a tunnel vision, being able to direct them to the truth and guidance. Leading them by example because I truly believe in my vision to where one day, all of this hard work and dedication will pay off. Whether that means that I will continue to stand alone on my own or limited people to a pack believing/supporting me. My heart is happiest and warmest when I have the ability to make someone appreciate me in an influential way or simply because of what I am doing for them out of a kind gesture with no pressure. What's real doesn't have to be pretended and when you're truly passionate about what you're doing by giving your all, that is when you acknowledge another purpose/reason to live life fully.

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