The Rose Represents "The Process of Growth"

To me, everything is a process. Within growth and patience - it will become a pattern of consistency to accomplish and achieve the end-goal of its true purpose.

The Quote "They tried to bury us, but they didn't know we were seeds." Speaks Volume.

Because if you truly think about the process of growth through the plant, it goes through the dirt and struggles just to get to the next level of perspective and perseverance.

It needs the essentials such as good soil, the sun, water, and consistency in order for it to flourish and bloom to its potential. 

Just like how you'd need a strong mindset, great purpose, determination and persistence to accomplish more every day in Life.

Without enough care given, it wouldn't be as lasting as it could. So love yourself as much as you can each day with self-love/motivation. When you completely invest in yourself as well as those who invest & takes care of you, AMAZING things can happen.

"What you get is what you put in"

There is a huge difference between temporary and permanent. So recognize what's real and what isn't before you give your time and energy to the cause because it could either effects a year or the rest of your lifetime.

Opportunities Expires

They say "Nothing is promised except death." So give your all for the right reasons and understand that one day, that beautifully bloomed rose will die and fade away too.

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